The Courage to Start

Today did not go anywhere close to as planned. And I couldn’t be happier.

First I will share that this is one of my solo weekends. I admit it took me a while to adjust to not having my kids every other weekend. On one hand I felt selfish for enjoying the time to myself. On the other hand I missed them terribly wondering what their smiling little faces were doing. I have now found the balance of using this time to re-charge so I can be more fully present when I do have them since I am “on” 100% of the time as a single parent.

The plan for today was to spend about 5-6 hours applying the KonMari method* and clear some physical clutter in my house. I set an intention last night to get started at 10am and tackle the girls room (age 5 and 3) and discard/tidy all the of their clothes and shoes.

As I do on most Saturday mornings, I woke up and started to journal to figure out what was swirling around in my monkey brain. In the course of my journaling I found myself writing “just be, just be, just be”. That kicked off my creative juices and I started to think how that would be a great name for a blog – JustB. That took me on a journey of exploring available domain names, (discovering JustB was taken but Journey2B was not!), logging into WordPress, creating some social media sites, writing the My Story page and……. 5 hours later ultimately unleashing my platform to share with others!

You see six months ago I took myself on a personal retreat and had a strong calling that I needed to share my journey through this life change with others. I didn’t know why or how. I just became aware of it as a powerful force inside me. For months I have sat with this feeling afraid of how to start because I did not have a plan. I put it in on my “to do” list and it felt like a chore more than a calling.

I was afraid to START because I did not know the END.

Today I had no plans to start a blog. And I do not have a plan for this blog. I am not sure where it’s going to take me and that’s actually a little bit exciting. I am riding the high of facing my fear and having the courage to just start. That’s the beauty of living a B Life – run with what life presents to you at the moment.

*The KonMari method is the way to declutter and organize your home from best selling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  


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