Feel what I feel

I am so grateful for the support I have received in the 24 hours since launching my blog. It is humbling, motivating and scary all at the same time. I have just announced to the world (well my small little Facebook world) that I am doing this. Gulp – I now need to deliver on this expectation! People are waiting.

So my MBA marketing brain is firing and saying things like – you need a content calendar! create a schedule! learn about Google analytics! But my heart is saying. JUST WRITE. You see my friends, as part of my transition to becoming a “B”, I am learning to listen to my heart to guide me. And not only listen — but also physically become aware in my body to feel what I feel. And right now I feel it in belly and my heart.

I believe this is what INTUITION is. I have been thinking a lot about intuition lately. For so long I have ignored my intuition and not trusted myself to have the answer. I have always sought validation from outside resources (friends, books, etc) and been afraid to make the wrong decision. At times making even the simplest of decisions has been crippling for me as I seek to maximize all feedback and options. I am becoming aware of this behavior of mine. It shows up in all aspects of my life from deciding on a birthday gift, making a decision about a work project, to the more profound questions about life. True story – when I was married I would find myself googling “Did I marry the right man? or “Am I happy in my marriage?” hoping that Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s brilliant invention would somehow give me that answer.

But the answers are inside of me.

Imagine if I just trusted my heart and my gut – how much I could ease some of my own suffering! But why is it so hard sometimes? Even just writing this post about intuition makes me feel uncomfortable. My mind is saying I have not done any research on this – what credibility do I have to offer thoughts on this topic?

Yet as I place my hand on my heart I know writing this post is the right answer. I can feel it. I am trusting my intuition. I have something to share that feels right to me.

Thank you heart for being my guide.

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